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I confirm that, to the best of my knowledge, the information provided in this form is correct. I have understood and agree to abide by all school rules including school discipline, inter-school/city transfers and tuition fee payment and refunds. I also acknowledge that while the school does its best to ensure the safety of each child's life, health and property, the school cannot be held responsible for any damage to these.

Admission Procedure

  1. The completed admission form along with the copies of birth and health certificates, 3 passport size photographs must be submitted to the school office.
  2. After the admission form has been processed, a date is given for applicant's assessment and interview of the child along with his/her parents. The applicant child will also have to go through a proper assessment test.
  3. Parents are informed of the outcome within two days of the written test date. If a place is offered, the child's admission / enrollment must be confirmed and all the necessary fee payments must be made within 3 days of date of offer. If, within three days, enrollment is not confirmed, the child's place is offered to another candidate.

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