Nightingale International Boarding Secondary School

Kopundol, Lalitpur

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Application for Admission

आवेदन फारम


Class :

1. Child's Personal Details

Please note that this date will not be changed after the child is admitted and will remain as the official date on all your child's academic document.

Child's school experience, including present institution:

2. Guardian's Details

3. Local Guardian's Detail

4. If child has sibling, please give their name, age, class & present school.

5. Additional Information

6. Why have you decided to change your child's school ?

7. Does your child have sensitive illness ? If yes, Please mention the details.

Please include the photocopies of child's medical records and immunisation records.

Required documents to be submitted along with application forms

Disciplinary Policy

  1. Nightingale School sincerely believes that the quality in education comes with discipline. There will be no compromise with any breach of the school discipline. All students must abide by the rules and regulations of the school.
  2. Attendance of the students in all classes will be recorded daily.
  3. A minimum of 95 % attendance is required to sit for final examinations.
  4. Absentees will be charged a fine at the rate of Rs. 100 /- per day.
  5. Students who are irregular in classes may be asked to leave the institute.
  6. No student will be allowed to enter the school premises without proper uniform and neat hair-cut. Uniform must be tidy and well-ironed.
  7. Shape and size of the uniform must be according to the school's standard.
  8. Wearing jewelry, cosmetic, keeping and coloring nails & hair are not allowed.
  9. Students must do their class-work and home-work regularly.
  10. Any damage caused to the property of school must be compensated by the students concerned.
  11. Students should bring note-book and the necessary text-books while at the school.
  12. Students are prohibited from bringing printed materials like periodicals, magazine, pictures, newspaper and non-textual books into the premises. Gadgets like video-games and Walkman’s or mobile phones are not allowed. If found, they will be confiscated.
  13. Students are strictly prohibited from smoking, abusing alcoholic and narcotic substances in or outside the institute premises. If found otherwise, they are liable for expulsion.
  14. Taking leaves is strictly discouraged during examinations. Students must bring application for leave from their parents/ guardians in case of emergency at other times.
  15. Students are expected to follow the financial rules and regulations very strictly.

Declaration of parents/guardians of the applicant:

I, Mr. / Ms. / Miss and father / mother / local guardian of hereby declare that the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge. I carefully studied the rules and regulations of the school and allow my ward to join the school assuming that my ward will obey all rules and regulations strictly. I take responsibility of his/her character and morality.